How to keep grapes fresh

Looking for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day, how about the tart and sweet flavor that only a juicy grape has! We know, few things can beat the satisfying feeling of a plump grape as it bursts in your mouth, reason why we’ll be telling about how to keep grapes fresh.
In addition to being a great snack, grapes are known to reduce blood sugar, full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and so much more.

As exciting as it is to come back from the grocery with your fresh fruit, grapes can turn into a soggy mess if not cared for properly, and nobody wants that. So, to assure you always have delicious, crunchy grapes every time you reach in to pluck one from its stem, learning how to keep them fresh is a skill you must perfect.

It may be intimidating, especially if you don’t spend much time in the kitchen, but you need not worry; the process of how to keep grapes fresh is quite simple. However, it does require a few tips and tricks we’ll be happy to share with you. Keep reading and learn how to keep grapes fresh the right way.

How to keep grapes fresh FAQs

How to pick a good grape?

If you want your grapes to last, then start by picking a good bunch. At their best, grapes will be round, full, and firmly attached to a flexible green stem. Avoid the grapes that show stems brown and brittle, or if you notice several loose grapes at the bottom of the bag.

What is the white powdery stuff sometimes found on the surface of grapes?

That substance is actually called bloom; it’s 100 percent organic and forms naturally on the exterior of grapes to protect them from decay. It’s still good to buy them like that.

Should grapes be washed all at once?

Grapes should be well rinsed before consumption; however, try to avoid washing the entire bag in one go. This is because if they get too wet, grapes will begin to mold. You should only wash the amount you are planning on eating and leave the rest as you found them, and they will stay fresh longer.

Why should grapes stay ventilated?

Grapes actually thrive in humid conditions, but to benefit from humidity in the air, your berries need to breathe. So to help grapes retain their moisture, it is advisable to leave your grapes in their original packaging since those bags come with holes that help the berries stay well-ventilated and happy.

Do fresh grapes last long?

Grapes of all kinds should always go in the fridge for ultimate freshness. When properly stored in the fridge, your grapes can stay in optimum conditions for up to two weeks. Remember, when stored somewhere humid and cold, grapes do well, not humid and hot.

Should grapes be frozen?

The refrigerator gives a better result than the freezer. Remember, it is not recommended to store grapes in a Ziploc bag that isn’t ventilated. When moisture gets trapped with your grapes, they become mushy. That said, if you must, it is perfectly possible to freeze them for later consumption.

How to use frozen grapes?

You may want to keep grapes frozen to use later in a smoothie, cocktails, or even as a cool, refreshing snack!

How to keep grapes fresh

Store unwashed grapes in the fridge

How to keep grapes fresh

  1. Check your grapes carefully before you buy them. You want healthy-looking grapes that are round and firmly attached to green stems.
  2. Store grapes without washing. You want to wash only what you are going to eat at that time. This will help keep them fresh.
  3. Keep them in a well-ventilated bag or container. Ideally, leaving them in the bag, they came in is your best bet. They need the airflow to stay fresh.
  4. Grapes are best stored in the refrigerator. Placing your grape bag in the crisping drawer is perfect for grapes.

Tips regarding How to keep grapes fresh in the fridge

  • Grapes are surprisingly volatile fruits; if not stored correctly, they can shrivel up or even get moldy.
  • The optimal storage conditions for grapes are 30-32°F with 90-95% humidity.
  • Keep your grapes away from direct contact with water, and store them unwashed. The excess moisture will decrease their shelf life.
  • Keep grapes well ventilated but don’t keep that bag or box near vegetables or foods with a strong odor such as garlic or onions; otherwise, grapes might absorb the smells and become unpleasant.
  • If you don’t have a crisper drawer, no worries, just slide all the items in your fridge to the side and place your grapes in the back. What you want is the coolest corner of your fridge instead of the front.

Store washed grapes in the fridge.

Let’s assume you forgot and washed the entire bag of grapes, do not sweat; washed grapes can still be kept in the fridge; however, know that they will have a shorter shelf life.

  1. Spread the washed grapes on paper towels
  2. Wrap the grapes in the paper towels
  3. Leave them to dry
  4. Try not to pat the grapes dry as this causes blistering of the skin and could deteriorate even faster.
  5. Once fully dried, pack the grapes into airtight plastic containers
  6. Place in the vegetable crisper or at the back of the fridge

Store grapes in the freezer

How to keep grapes fresh

  1. Choose seedless grapes
  2. Thoroughly wash your grapes, place the grapes in a colander and rinse in cool, running water.
  3. Let the excess water drain.
  4. Dry the grapes by patting them gently with a clean tea towel
  5. Remove each grape from its stems
  6. Place your clean, dry grapes on a baking tray lined with baking paper
  7. Pop into the freezer
  8. Once completely frozen, place the grapes in a freezer bag
  9. Continue to store them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them

Tips when keeping grapes in the freezer

  • If you’ve decided to freeze your grapes, make sure you use the seedless kind to avoid biting into a frozen seed.
  • You may be wondering why not freezing grapes directly in a bag; well, the reason is that this way, the grapes won’t clump together and will freeze more evenly.

Store grapes at room temperature

As previously stated, grapes deteriorate fast, the reason why they need to go straight inside the fridge. However, if you plan to eat them on the same day, it is possible to store grapes at room temperature.

  1. Keep your grape bag uncovered in a bowl or container
  2. When ready to eat, wash them thoroughly
  3. Enjoy.

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