How to keep brownies fresh

You probably love your brownies and, like most of us, would wish there was a way to make them last longer. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, how to keep brownies fresh? Then you are in the right place because we’ll be telling you all about it.

If you, for some strange reason, can’t eat any more brownies and want to save them for later, or perhaps, made brownies in advance, you ought to know their proper storage to keep them as fresh as possible.

Freezing brownies may not be the first thing that pops into your head when looking for storing options. However, freezing is the right move if you want your brownies to last for a while. There are actually a few options when it comes to storing your brownies properly, so grab pen and paper and start taking notes.
Contrary to what you may think, the steps to keep brownies fresh are quite simple. However, it does require a few key tips and tricks. Keep reading and learn how to keep brownies fresh!

Keeping your brownies fresh is similar to How to keep cupcakes fresh


How long do brownies last?

Their shelf life really depends on whether they’ve been cut. Store cut brownie squares in an airtight container at room temperature; they’re best eaten within 1 to 2 days.
A whole pan’s worth, uncut and well wrapped in plastic, will keep at room temperature for up to 4 days.

How do you know when brownies are done?

When you test a fudgy brownie for doneness, the toothpick you insert in the center should come out with a few moist crumbs attached.

Can brownies be frozen?

A whole pan’s worth of delicious brownies can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Why shouldn’t brownies be cut?

When you cut brownies, you expose more parts of the brownie to the air. This can make the brownies dry out very quickly. In other words, you may go from a yummy chewy brownie to a crunchy dry brownie quite fast.

How to prevent brownies from drying out?

The solution to preventing your brownies from drying out is simple, keep them in the tray they baked in, uncut until you are ready to eat them!

Brownies’ number one enemy?

Air is your brownies enemy, so any way you can prevent air from touching your brownies is something you should definitely do.

What options do you have to store brownies?

  • To store brownies successfully, you can either use plastic wrap, which is the best way to keep brownies fresh.
  • Foil is the second-best option for storing brownies as you can bend it to be right against the brownies. The tighter you can wrap them, the better.
  • You can also choose to keep brownies fresh by placing them in an airtight container.
  • Cookie tins or cookie jars are other options that will suffice. However, they aren’t always as airtight as plastic wrap, plastic storage containers, or foil.
  • If you want a quick way to wrap individual brownies, place them directly into Ziploc bags.

How to keep brownies fresh for the next day

How to keep brownies fresh

Wrapping your brownies in plastic wrap and let them hang out on your counter. They should be in optimum conditions for the next day’s breakfast.

How to keep brownies fresh for a few days

  • Store with a piece of bread: If you store brownies for a few days inside any container, place a piece of sliced bread on the top of the jar. The moisture from the bread will help keep the brownies soft and keep them fresh for a few extra days.
  • Dip your brownies in chocolate: If you want to make some extremely decadent brownies that will stay fresh longer, try dipping your brownies in melted chocolate, covering them completely. The chocolate creates an airtight shell around them, preventing the air from getting to that delicate brownie surface.
  • Keep them at room temperature: Wrap your brownies or whole brownie using aluminum foil or plastic wrap and let it hang out on your counter. If you choose to store the brownies at room temperature, they will stay nice and fresh for about 3-4 days.

How to keep brownies fresh for a couple of weeks

Keep brownies in the refrigerator: If you want to keep your brownies fresh for longer than a few days, wrap them tightly and then place them in the fridge. When stored this way, brownies will stay fresh for about two weeks.

  1. Wrap brownies in plastic wrap
  2. Place in the fridge
  3. When ready, grab one from the fridge and let it come to room temperature before eating to make sure it is nice and chewy.
  4. You can also microwave the brownie for a few seconds to heat them.

How to keep brownies fresh for months

Keep brownies in the freezer: Your freezer is the best choice if you make a huge batch of brownies and want to keep some fresh for a long period of time.

  1. Wrap the brownies very tightly, preferably in plastic wrap. Cut and wrap the brownies as individual servings.
  2. Store the brownies in the freezer
  3. You’ll have brownies for up to three months
  4. When ready, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw
  5. Place your brownies on the counter still wrapped, at room temperature
  6. You can also pop them in the microwave for a few seconds
  7. Enjoy your fresh brownies

Tips for storing brownies

  • Always cut your brownies on a cutting board, never in the pan.
  • Before each cut, keep the edges extra neat, clean the blade under warm water, and leave it slightly wet.
  • It is highly recommended not to cut them until you are ready to eat. It’s best to let them cool anyway to get a clean cut.
  • When storing brownies, the key is to keep the air at bay. You’re looking for brownies to stay wrapped and away from that dangerous, drying air.
  • If storing brownies with a piece of bread, and if you notice that the bread is starting to get dry, replace it with a new piece of bread.

How to revive brownies

In the case that you somehow ended up with dry brownies that are crunchy and stale, you can easily bring them back to life using your microwave.

  • Put your brownie in the microwave for about ten seconds at a time
  • Just enough to heat it and make it soft again
  • Enjoy it right away
  • Your brownie will taste fresh and delicious as it should.

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