How to keep cupcakes fresh

If you are looking for ways to keep your cupcakes fresh for as long as possible, you must learn methods to store them properly. Keeping cupcakes fresh isn’t complicated, but it does require a few tips and tricks, luckily you have come to the right place because we’ll be sharing everything on the subject.

Cupcakes are great to have around, but like most baked goods, they can be a little fussy about keeping them in good shape for long. But let’s backtrack to the moment you bought or baked a bunch of cupcakes and now are at a loss on how to store them. By providing the right conditions and environment, you can certainly get the most out of your cupcakes.

Though it may sound intimidating, you have nothing to worry about. With this guide, your cupcakes won’t be going to waste, and you’ll be able to learn step by step how to keep cupcakes fresh for all your special moments. So keep your eyes peel for all the steps and tricks to keep your cupcakes fresh.


Do cupcakes stay fresh for long?

Cupcakes don’t stay fresh for long; they can stay fresh for two days up to a week, depending on the type. Frosted cupcakes and ones with any filling retain the best quality for 2 to 4 days max. When it comes to plain unfrosted cupcakes, they stay good for up to a week on the counter. Cupcakes filled or frosted with eggs or dairy typically last for 3 to 5 days in the fridge.

How to keep cupcakes fresh by storing them?

Keep plain unfrosted cupcakes on hand, store them at room temperature. Whichever storage spot you choose, place your cupcakes in an airtight container and keep them sealed.

Should cupcakes be stored in the fridge?

This is a tricky one, yes and no. It depends on the ingredients of your cupcakes, so you must know what’s in them. Generally, cupcakes don’t require storing in the fridge. That said, refrigeration is required if yours are frosted or filled and either contains eggs, dairy, or custard.

How to avoid dry cupcakes?

If you refuse to keep your cupcakes in the fridge because you know they will dry out, the good idea is to store the cupcakes and the frosting separately. Keep the cupcakes on the counter and the frosting inside the fridge. This applies to homemade cupcakes where you can add the filling before serving.

Can cupcakes be frozen?

Absolutely yes, most cupcakes plain or frosted are suitable to be frozen. If yours are already frosted or are the filled type, you need to know if that frosting or filling freezes well.

How to know if cupcakes have gone bad?

There are a few factors that can help you identify if your cupcakes should be thrown away.

  • If there’s any sign of mold either on the surface of the cupcake or the frosting, your cupcake needs to go.
  • If your cupcakes have a foul smell, they belong to the trash.
  • If somehow you forgot and kept your cupcakes on the counter for too long, discard them.
  • If the quality of your cupcake isn’t there, perhaps it’s too dry or has a stale taste, or the frosting is melting away, then get rid of it.

How to keep cupcakes fresh

There are different ways in which you can keep your yummy cupcakes fresh; it all depends if you are looking for short-term or long-term storage. We’ll be covering all the options below.

How to keep cupcakes fresh

How to keep cupcakes fresh in the Counter

Keeping plain cupcakes stored on the counter will last for about a week, while frosted kinds will only last for two to four days tops on the counter.

  1. Cool the cupcakes by moving them to a cooling rack and let them sit until they are not hot
  2. Find a container with a lid and place your cupcakes
  3. Store them at room temperature

How to keep cupcakes fresh in the Fridge

Fridge storage is recommended for cupcakes with filling or frosting that contains dairy or eggs. You’ll have fresh cupcakes for up to five days.

  1. Cool the cupcakes by moving them to a cooling rack and let them sit until they are not hot
  2. Using plastic wrap or aluminum foil, wrap each cupcake individually
  3. Find a container with a lid and place your cupcakes
  4. Once your cupcakes are properly wrapped, sealed tightly, stored in the fridge.

How to keep cupcakes fresh in the Freezer

By keeping your cupcakes in the freezer, you can have fresh cupcakes for up to three months. You can keep both frosted and plain cupcakes in the freezer.

  1. Make sure you are working with cooled down cupcakes
  2. Wrap each cupcake individually in plastic wrap or aluminum foil
  3. Place the cupcakes in a freezer bag or container
  4. Label with the name and date if you like
  5. Place the bag or container in the freezer

How to defrost cupcakes

  1. Get your cupcakes from the freezer
  2. Unwrap the cupcakes and give them an hour or two on the counter to get to room temperature
  3. The larger and denser yours are, the longer they need
  4. This should take about 2-3 hours to let them fully thaw
  5. Make sure you consume your cupcakes the same day you defrost them


  • Do not skip wrapping your cupcakes; these steps ensure the cupcakes don’t dry out in the freezer. Plus, your cupcake’s texture will totally change and not in a good way.
  • Your cupcakes don’t freeze solid, so be aware not to squish them. The good idea is to place them in a freezer container to protect them from getting crushed by other foods.

The thing to keep in mind when storing cupcakes

  • If your cupcakes contain any fruit-based filling, eat them within two days or refrigerate them. The mentioned filling is likely to grow mold after a couple of days at room temperature.
  • Be aware that refrigeration will dry out your cupcakes much faster than keeping them at room temperature.
  • Before storing, make sure your cupcakes cool completely. If you baked them yourself, let them sit on a wire rack for like an hour. Otherwise, the steam may be trapped inside the container, and you’ll end up with soggy cupcakes.
  • Make sure your cupcakes containers are tall enough so that it doesn’t squish the tops, that is if your cupcakes are already frosted.
  • If you’ve kept your cupcakes in the fridge, place them on the counter for at least half an hour before serving them.

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