How To Keep Strawberries Fresh


How to keep strawberries fresh, seems to be a bit of a predicament for many but it can be as easy as freezing them, which then raises the question: how to freeze strawberries. What’s not to love about strawberries! It is such a versatile and delicious fruit that provides not only a great citric and … Read more

How to keep grapes fresh

How to keep grapes fresh

Looking for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day, how about the tart and sweet flavor that only a juicy grape has! We know, few things can beat the satisfying feeling of a plump grape as it bursts in your mouth, reason why we’ll be telling about how to keep grapes fresh. In addition … Read more

How to Freeze Fresh Figs

how to freeze fresh figs

Figs are a delicious fruit that unfortunately isn’t available all year round; if you’ve had the chance to taste it and are a fan, then you’ve probably asked yourself, how to freeze fresh figs? So, if you are looking for a way to keep figs around for a while, then keeping them frozen is what … Read more